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X-ray setting for Oral Radiology
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In order to capture sharp and clear dental scan images, while nevertheless exposing patients to less radiation, you can and should control and fine-tune various x-ray factors. This video teaches you the fundamental and principles that will enable you to get high quality scans without compromising patients’ safety.

The 25 minutes video demonstrates how to:   

  • Increase x-ray intensity to get denser and darker images
  • Increase x-ray energy to get higher contrast
  • Control exposure time (or tube current) to balance between darkness and sharpness
  • Change tube potential to affect both intensity and energy
  • Filter lower energy photons to reduce exposure
  • Use a rectangular collimator to cut the radiation doze 5-fold without losing image quality (!)
  • Position the object (e.g. – teeth) in an ideal location, far from the x-ray source and close to the sensor 
  • Use smaller spot size to increase sharpness

The video can help in preparing you to related accreditation exams, and anyone practicing dental imaging should be familiar with the principles covered in it and know how to command all the discussed factors while performing dental scans. Good luck!

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