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Rare Maxillofacial Pathologies? AI can help!
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Dentists using CBCT scans and Panoramic images must recognize the pathologies that are shown in these scans and images. Furthermore, they must recognize even rare pathologies, that harder to detect, including sinus and bone lesions. And when such rare (and potentially life threatening) pathologies appear, they should refer the patients to radiologists or oral surgeons. 

Unfortunately, many dentists have limited skills and luck of relevant experience to detect such rare pathologies. As a result, dentists put their patients at risk, and find themselves exposed to legal claims that may be very costly and may also severely damage their professional reputation. 

One solution to this problem is to order and add a radiologist report with every image and scan provided to patients, which is indeed mandatory in many countries. But is it possible to solve this problem by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to successfully identify rare pathologies?

Look, for example, at the above clinical case. The CBCT scan was taken in order to evaluate the TMJ condition, after a jaw fracture. But DiagnoCat’s AI found something else, marked by the green squares in the image. It detected possible lesions in two areas, and then alerted the dentist to refer this patient to a special examination by a radiologist.

So, it seems, that at least for some rare pathologies, AI can help. And with time, AI becomes better and better in detection of such pathologies. Actually, this is exactly the meaning of “Machine Learning” (ML): the artificial intelligence system improves with training and provides more accurate results. However, is it entirely trustworthy? Can it replace the radiologist? And what if we can combine the power of AI with the skills of a human dental radiologist?

At DentQ, we enable dentists to benefit from a double layer of safety, by combining Artificial Intelligence reports (by DiagnoCat) and a report created by of one of our expert dental radiologists. When a radiology report is mandatory, our AI+Human report is included with the scans and images that we take and process. And in other cases, we provide AI+Human reports as an extra service. And, in both cases, dentists and patients working with us can enjoy the AI+Human double layer of safety, and rest assure that even rare pathologies will be detected.

If you have any questions about our AI+Human radiology report, including for detecting rare pathologies, do not hesitate to contact us.

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