AI Corner

Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance dental imaging

Dentists often want to emphasize the importance of adequate hygiene when treating their patients, in order to prevent periodontal bone loss in the long term. But how can dentists most efficiently convey this message, and really influence patients to improve their hygiene habits? Perio charts and X-rays can be used, but patients find it quite difficult to understand these charts.

Instead of perio charts, you may consider a better and more convincing demonstration – a 3D model of the mouth. DentQ offers dentists the possibility to automatically convert DICOM files into STL models, using AI tools by Diagnocat, that also perform automatic segmentation.

Segmentations are 3D images you can manipulate in the built-in STL viewer. The viewing process starts from a reconstructed face – where patients recognize themselves. After this user-friendly process, the attention is brought to the level of bone and teeth.

In the image above you can visualize tooth 30 (46) with a huge vertical bone deficiency. The rest of the tooth arch has very low bone level too. This type of visualization is patient-friendly, and can support the dentist in the communication of the problem, as well as in creating the treatment plan. This way, patients have a better understanding of the need to clean their teeth thoroughly and comprehensively. The sophisticated 3D demonstration will also lead patients to perceive the dentist as empathetic and highly professional, using the most advanced technological tools.

AI conversion of DICOM to STL has many additional usages, and you can order it from us for DICOM files you already have, or send patients to one of our centers for CBCT scan that will generate the DICOM. We are here to help and support  – so do not hesitate to contact us with questions and requests regarding this and other useful AI solutions which we offer.