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Interview with Marzia Ceccarelli, Representative, DentQ Italy
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Marzia Ceccarelli

Client Manager in Rome
Works with DentQ since the very first day of the company’s activity in Italy.

Hi Marzia We would like to know you a little better. Tell us an interesting or funny anecdote about yourself.

Oh sure! Attending dental practices daily for years has allowed me to overcome one of my biggest fears, that of the dentist! Today the dental office is a familiar, pleasant and reassuring environment for me and I love that typical feeling of freshness and hygiene of the most welcoming offices.

Have you ever lived abroad? How many languages ​​do you speak?

Besides Italian, which is my mother tongue, I speak English quite well and a little French. I love traveling and I have had the pleasure of traveling for work in many Italian and foreign cities, staying for a few months in Leuven, Belgium.

What is the thing you love most about your job?

Of my work, I especially love the relationship with the customer and the ability to bring satisfaction, value and innovation within a dental practice. In this, working at DentQ allows me to always find new stimuli and interesting solutions for myself and for the partner dentists.

Tell us more about your interest in dental technology. Is there anything in this world that you have a particular interest in?

I have been in the Digital Dentistry sector for several years and in particular I have been very involved in computer-guided implant surgery, which I believe is one of the most interesting technologies in the dental field. The dental sector in the last 20 years has witnessed a real transformation, from analog to digital. I am very fascinated by the digitization of the entire operational flow that starts from radiology and involves all stages of processing in the clinical and technical fields. Today, in the field of dental technology, I would say that intra-oral scanners, aligners and the very latest systems for applying artificial intelligence in remote diagnosis and treatment have a prominent place.

How do you keep your work-life balance? What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I generally love practicing outdoor activities and every day I strive to limit my stay indoors. Where possible I like to reach my clients on foot, strolling and enjoying the beauties of my city.

Given your experience in the field, is there any advice you would like to share with the dentists who work with us?

In the era of dentistry 4.0, I can only repeat that it is technology that offers the main tools to differentiate yourself. Quality and service in general remain fundamental pillars and the patient’s experience as a whole becomes crucial. So, pay attention to hospitality, to the relationship with the whole team, to dental marketing, to communication in the office and on social media and to all the services that simplify the patient’s life. Going to a dental office must be a pleasant experience, not a duty. One of the latest trends in this sense pays great attention to the arrangement of furnishings and fragrances within the studios, focusing on the potential of sensory perception and olfactory memory.

What do you think is the direction of development of the dental radiology sector in the coming years? Is there any particular trend that you think is becoming more and more relevant?

Dental radiology is destined to be ever more precise and performing. I believe that the development of the next few years will lead to the use of increasingly large but low-dose radiation fovs. I believe we will therefore move towards a total face scan, in which all the information relating to the patient’s face, smile, function and aesthetics can be integrated.

Thanks a lot Marzia. It is a pleasure to be able to introduce you to our partners and patients!

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