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Interview with Antonella Abbate, Representative, DentQ Italy
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Antonella Abbate

Client Manager in Rome
Works with DentQ since February 2021

Hi Antonella! We would like to know you a little better. Tell us an interesting or funny anecdote about yourself.

“The most important secret in the art of selling is: find out what the customer wants and help him get it.” With this famous aphorism, which still represents me today, I was taught many years ago the principle of actively listening to the customer and overcoming objections to be successful. What’s funny? It works perfectly whenever applied really well!

How many languages ​​do you speak? Have you ever lived abroad?

I speak IItalian and English, I have a degree in languages. I lived in London for 6 months during my university studies.

What is the thing you love most about your job?

The relationship with the client is always stimulating, it allows for a constant exchange of experiences, an opportunity for development arises from each critical issue, in commercial as well as interpersonal relationships. I really like this aspect of my job.

Tell us more about your interest in dental technology. Is there anything in this world that you have a particular interest in?

Implantology on 4/6 implants with immediate load has a strong positive impact on patients. They find their smile again in 24 hours. Thanks to the advanced prosthetic techniques, which are almost contextual to the surgical phase. Many experienced implantologists, wherever clinically possible, use this technique with excellent results.

How do you keep your work-life balance? What do you like to do in your free time?

I have always worked a lot, even when my children were younger. But a good organization and planning of commitments allowed me to balance the time and resources at my disposal. At the end of the day I like to devote myself to reading, often in English or French, and at the weekend I organize excursions into nature with family and friends.

Given your experience in the field, is there any advice that you think is interesting to share with the dentists who work with us?

In my experience alongside implantologists, my role was to set up and transfer an effective communication protocol to them. The doctor’s ability to listen and interact clearly with patients makes the difference. The use of technology and high-quality materials distinguishes the good dentist.

I suggest to the already “good” doctor to also be an empathic doctor. This will really increase the confidence and the success rate in their daily work.

What do you think is the direction of development of the dental radiology sector in the coming years? Is there any particular trend that you think is becoming more and more relevant?

Artificial Intelligence in dental imaging has long since begun to take hold and is recognized as the future of the sector.

Recent studies confirm that the dentist will have to be more and more familiar with this technology because artificial intelligence, in radiology but not only, will play an important role in carrying out the work, with an increasingly automated and integrated system that will involve more functions of the activity of the clinic:  reporting, reservations, instant messaging and so on.


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