Case of the Month

An intriguing dental scan and how to interpret it

CBCT Scanner: KaVo OP300

Scanning Protocol: 8 cm x 6 cm FOV

Effective Dose: 0.032mSv

Clinical information: Large lesion found on the lcpas. We will need to have the area that is exposed as large above the roots as possible. Please see where it ends.

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Dental Findings

Presence of a 2 cm diameter low density lesion developing around the ABCs of 12 and 11, the teeth are not endodontically retreated, they present with one root and one canal each, the canals are patent and traceable along the length of the roots..

Presence of a diffuse ground glass appearance lesion occupying the whole volume of the left maxillary sinus extending from the midline to the left aspect of the volume, the lesion is not completely included in the volume. The lesion is causing expansion of both buccal and palatal cortices, it is elevating the floor of the maxillary sinus and occupying a large part of the maxillary bone. The sinus is reduced to a small cavity with no sinus reaction.

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Radiographic Impression

Radicular cyst on 12 and 11, endodontic treatment is needed for both teeth followed by enucleation and biopsy.

Large fibrous dysplasia occupying the whole volume of the left maxilla, a larger volume is needed to assess the whole outline of the lesion, referring the patient for surgical evaluation and biopsy is needed. The lower density areas within the lesion are indicative of active phase of growth.

Image source
Lesion in the area of 12 and 11

Image source
Maxillary sinus lesion