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When a patient comes  to a pre-scheduled visit at DentQ, and arrives with a filled-in referral form form his dentist (or doctor), the visit to one of our branches will usually take less than 30 minutes altogether.

Upon patients’ arrivals, they should approach the receptionist, who will then open and/or update their online records with all the needed details. Then after, the patients wait in the reception area until they are invited to the CBCT room, where a radiographer will instruct them and perform the needed scans. Each CBCT scan usually takes only up to 3 minutes. The radiographer will also verify that all patients’ details are correctly included in their online records, and that the scan results (2D or 3D image files) are sharp and contain all the required data, and upload them to our secured cloud. After which, the patients are released and can leave the branch. We then process the scans (e.g. add measurements, mark ther root canal and arches) and add radiologist and AI reports to the patients’ online records. We alert dentists as various patients’ records and processed results  are ready for their inspection. All such files and results are usually ready within 2 working days following the visit to our centers.

Visits may sometimes last longer than 30 minutes, especially if they weren’t pre-scheduled, or when the patient does not arrive with a referral to us, or when the patient wants to take with him a printed or a digital copy of his raw scans. Therefore, in order to save time, we strongly advise patients to book their visit upfront; to arrive with a filled-in referral form signed by a doctor; and to get processed results online from our secured cloud (directly or from their doctor) instead of waiting for the raw results at the branch.

All in all, a visit to DentQ is usually very short, especially when compared to other imaging or medical services. And since we have multiple branches in various cities, reaching one of our locations is usually pretty convenient and fast as well.