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Hong Kong with CT Dent Ltd
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CT Dent Ltd 

T: +852-25276699
F: +852 30062979

Unit 708, 7/F
Manning House 38-48
Queen’s Road Central.
Central, Hong Kong

DentQ Group is an international company present in six countries, including a branch  in HK, China. At HK, DentQ operates under the name of CT Dent, currently with one dental imaging center, conveniently located at the Central area, and founded in 2016.  Our HK center provides a full range of dental radiology services, while catering the needs of hundreds of dentists in the Central area, as well as of some dentists and clinics located at Kowloon and The New Territories.

Traditionally, our HK branch closely collaborated with our UK based company (CT Dent in the UK), and some of the processing services there were performed by our London team. This is partially due to the close relationship between HK and UK dentistry: the HK good practice rules for dental treatment are based on the UK norms, many HK dentists and implantologist completed their formal education in the UK, British citizens use HK as a dental and medical tourism hub, and some UK dentists refer patients to HK clinics and may hold clinics and work both in London and in HK.

The common “dental” language in HK is English, thus our website, forms, dental report and even marketing materials in HK are all in British English, and our team members are bi-langual, and command some English.

Recently, CTdent HK is becoming more independent, and started to provide all services, processing included, in-house, while shortening response time and enhancing local service quality.  And while we still have not opened branches in other Chinese cities, as we currently focus on growth in Western Europe, we certainly do hope to expand in China a few years from now.

One of the unique things that we witness in HK is that, unlike in other countries, where visiting patients pay directly in most cases, in HK dentists usually prefer to open an account with us and pay us once a month for all the patients they have referred to us in that month. This way they maintain more control, as patients are more likely to return to them to receive the results of the imaging we did for them. In addition, with an account that the dentists pay for, dentists can include imaging costs in the overall bill their patients receive. All in all, HK dentists appreciate the independence, control and flexibility that an account with CT-dent provides them. To a certain extent, we offer similar dentist-accounts in all the countries we operate in. For setting up your own account with us as a dentist, ask our local representatives for help.

Another unique thing about our HK activity is that local HK dentists rarely ask for Radiology Reports regarding CBCT scans and panoramic images. While these reports are mandatory in some countries (e.g. – Italy), and very popular in other countries (e.g. – the UK), dentists in HK seem quite happy without them. However, many of our customers in HK, dentists and clinics, require and receive comprehensive technical and clinical support, and many read and enjoy Case of the Month articles, sent to them via email, in collaboration with CTdent in the UK.

Last but not least, HK was under strict restrictions (e.g. – curfew and work limitations) for many months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was both a burden and a blessing, as we were probably the only dental imaging services open in HK at all (allowed) times. Our international management team, like all foreigners, are still not allowed to visit HK without 7 days of isolation as of today (mid July 2022), but as the pandemic slows-down things are opening up, and we hope gates will open again any day now. We can’t wait for our next visit in this beautiful, colorful and exciting city.

Come and visit us on the CT Dent HK website, stay up to date on our blog and follow us on Facebook to find out more about our business in HK.

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