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Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance dental imaging

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Grow your Dental Business with AI Radiology Reports by DentQ



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How to become an advanced and futuristic dental clinic in the eyes of your patients?

Diagnocat is an Artificial Intelligence service, offered by DentQ, which optimizes and improves the x-ray examination of the oral cavity. This Service will help you enhance your decision making for what concerns tooth decay, polypitis, need for displacement, crown replacement, implant installation, orthodontics and much more.

The software self-marks the teeth that need treatment and provides the required incisions. All that is left to the dentist is to check the diagnosis against the clinical findings, sign the report and deliver it to the patient together with the treatment plan.

Here at DentQ we have motto: wise dentists choose AI. But why?

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology reports helps dentists working with DentQ grow their business. On the one hand, it provides an unbiased opinion which increases the patient’s confidence in his dentist and treatment. On the other hand, it increases the prestige of the dentist, who provides sophisticated AI reports and is therefore perceived as a cutting-edge expert. In addition, AI reports help to minimize human errors and improves the quality of care.

DentQ provides the following AI reports at no cost, every time you send us patients for 2D and 3D scans:

– AI radiology report for each CBCT (3D) scan and OPG (2D) scan

– AI Implant study report (when the scan justification is an implant)

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