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Output Formats (dental) - for OPG CBCT
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What are the benefits of partnering with an international company like DentQ?

We offer a high number of services, flexibility for special requests and complete support for every need! DentQ is a leader in digital transformation and offers 3D scans in multiple digital formats, including:

  • DICOM: Flexible raw Dicom files, which can be used with various dental and surgical treatment planning software.
  • PACS: for online visualization and diagnostics. Using the PACS system, dentists can view, edit, measure and manipulate 3D CBCT scans online: anytime, anywhere, on any device, and without the need to download and install any software.
  • iRys: the most advanced software for viewing and editing DICOM files and 3D scans with PC.
  • Romexis: for viewing and editing via MacOS, but also compatible with Windows.
  • STL conversion: 3D STL models automatically built from DICOM files thanks to AI. They allow to use 3D models for digital dentistry and 3D printers and consequently plan dental treatment and oral surgery. Benefits include automatic segmentation, better planning and optimized image presentation.
  • 3D scans of guides– we also provide CBCT scans for drill guides to enhance digital dentistry.

DentQ is an international company, so we can also convert DICOM files to additional formats which are more common in other countries where we operate. If you have any questions, please fill-in the contact form here, and we will be happy to assist you with your special requests.

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