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Dr. Rocco Zaccone
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Dr. Rocco Zaccone

Trident Group

+39 392 154 2401
[email protected]
Via palombarese 127 Santa Lucia
00013 Fonte Nuova (RM)

Interview with Dr. Rocco Zaccone

Why did he choose to become a dentist? How many years of experience have you gained?

The reason why I chose to practice this profession is funny: I didn’t want to study as much as my brother who graduated in medicine, even if it didn’t turn out like that! And I wanted to work right away, after finishing my studies.
I graduated in 2009 and specialized in the use of the operating microscope. For several years I held the role of Tutor at the Gemelli Polyclinic in the Endodontic ward.

Today I practice as a freelancer in Rome and Capri. I am also a lecturer at the International Master in Endodontics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome, and speaker at various national courses and congresses.

What kind of treatments or services do you provide to your patients? Do you have any particular specialization?

Yes, I specialize in Endodontics and in particular I have dedicated myself to the use of the microscope, a tool that offers the clinician the opportunity to work with extreme precision and reliability. To explore these issues with more or less experienced colleagues, I wanted to be one of the founders of the Riitano Study Group, in honor of a professional figure to whom I was particularly attached also from a human point of view.

Could you describe an interesting or unusual case that you handled?

Thanks to the use of the microscope and the aid of 3D technology, we can go as far as identifying anatomical peculiarities and solving very complex cases that would otherwise lead to extraction, such as the removal of fractured instruments.

Is there any innovative dental technology that you particularly appreciate and believe in?

As I have already said, I strongly believe in the use of the microscope together with new digital technologies, such as the intraoral scanner, which allow us to be more effective also in communicating with the patient, who can see everything that is done clinically, step by step.

A recommended article that dentists should read:

The Effect Of the Dental Operating Microscope on the Outcome of Nonsurgical Root Canal Treatment: A Retrospective Case-control Study; N Khalighinejad, A Aminoshariae, J C. Kulild, K A. Williams, J Wang and A Mickel; JOE – Volume 43, Number 5, May 2017 Link to the article

This article is important in my opinion because it effectively explains how working with magnification simplifies the daily dental practice activity..

Share useful advice for dentists regarding the management of their business

My advice is to always follow standardized and specific operating protocols that allow you to achieve maximum results by reducing working time.

How do you promote your business? What worked for you?

I promote my business through congress and course activities, as a speaker and trainer. Personally, too, I never stop training and deepening topics on which I am less knowledgeable.

How do you relax after work?

I enjoy a good beer in front of a beautiful Roman landscape.

What could prevent your practice from growing? How can he overcome this obstacle?

Again in this case, I reiterate the importance of investing in training, even for younger dentists.

What new plans do you have for your professional activity in the next year?

I set myself the goal of improving the quality of clinical services more and more, trying to offer high-level dentistry, albeit at reasonable costs and appropriate to the current situation.

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