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Dr. Riccardo Bisegna
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Dr. Riccardo Bisegna

Dental Practice – Dr. Riccardo Bisegna

Via Conte Verde, 41 – 00185 Roma (RM)
+39 06 77071927
[email protected]

Interview with Dr. Riccardo Bisegna

Why did you choose to become a dentist? How many years of experience have you gained?

My choice to practice this profession dates back to the 90’s, a period in which young people began to perceive a lot of uncertainty towards work in the future. Being a part of an already active family business allowed me to avoid the risk of a crisis, and for this reason I decided to attend the Faculty of Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics at the “La Sapienza” University of Rome.

Oddly enough, my father disagreed with my choice despite being an established dentist himself, wishing for me a career as a medical officer instead. Eager to listen to his advice, I decided to participate in that official competition, and ironically enough, I ended up passing it on the very same day I learned that I had also passed the entry tests for the Faculty of Dentistry. After almost 30 years of experience, I can say today that I have never looked back to that choice. It has certainly been rewarding, although I’ll always have the curiosity of never having known why my father had envisioned such different projects for me!

What kind of treatments or services do you provide to your patients? Do you have any particular specialization?

In my practice I mainly deal with periodontology, implantology and prostheses. I always had an interest in the latter, and I have invested quite a lot in terms of personal training for this aspect. Along the way, during recent years, I have also become very passionate about gnathology (tooth reshaping), a subject which as of today has not yet been fully explored and still has quite a margin, in terms of things to be learned.

Could you describe an interesting or unusual case that you handled?

An interesting and may I dare say funny case for its uniqueness, can be that of a patient of mine who had lost a front tooth in order to help a colleague move a desk, by completely smashing his face on the desk itself.

From a clinical point of view, the case was very interesting because it required complete management and plenty of knowledge of all kinds of aspects, implant, periodontal, regenerative, prosthetic and obviously aesthetic.

In the end, the patient himself became passionate about the case too, and appreciated the result so much that he even wanted a facet on the tooth next to the one repaired!

Is there any innovative dental technology that you particularly appreciate and believe in?

I have always felt to be not quite passionate about technology, but I had to change my mind ever since I started using the intraoral scanner. I appreciate it very much, as it allows me to verify and design the case before the surgery and to show the patient what the final result will be. I believe it will receive plenty of consideration in studies, despite it being not particularly widespread today (data shows that only 10-15% of dentists use it)

A recommended article that dentists should read:

This is an article which I always recommend to colleagues, and despite being a bit dated, it still remains one of the cornerstones of modern dentistry, with plenty of clinical choices based precisely on it:

The effect of the distance from the contact point to the crest of bone on the presence or absence of the interproximal dental papilla – PubMed – D P Tarnow 1, A W Magner, P Fletcher


Could you share some useful advice for dentists about running their business?

My advice for managing our business is to try, if possible, to look at the business from the outside, for better focusing on areas of improvement and fully becoming dedicated to patient service in terms of attention, listening, courtesy, and customer care in a general sense.

How do you promote your business? What worked for you?

Although it feels like I am coming back to our previous answer, I have to stress my dedication towards always being attentive to my patients’ needs, dedicating time and space to them, and giving feedback to everything that happens. For instance, if a patient refers other patients to me, I will find a way to reward them, and this in turn rewards me.

Specifically, no patient who underwent dental surgery from me, even simple, will get out of my office without receiving a box with all the drugs to be needed in the following days, so they won’t have to stop at the pharmacy.

How do you relax after work?

I play with my daughter who is still very young, and I still have the opportunity to enjoy it!

What could prevent your profession from growing? How can you overcome this obstacle?

The main enemy of our business is ourselves. If we put good will, imagination and commitment into our business every day, it can only grow. It takes consistency, dedication and most importantly passion for what you do, as long as it is a sincere passion. On the contrary, inauthenticity can be perceived and is counterproductive

Have you planned something new for your professional activity over the next year?

For next year I am planning quite a lot of work on digital communication and social media, and I would also like to make some video tutorials with other non-dental medical colleagues, in order to talk to patients about mouth health in general.

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