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Dr. Luca Luigetti
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Dr. Luca Luigetti

Aesthetic Smile

Via Giovanni Bucco, 76,
00156 – Roma
+39 06 9436 4135
[email protected]

Interview with Dr. Luca Luigetti

Why did you choose to become a dentist? How many years of experience have you gained?

I come from a family of dental technicians, and this was a detrimental factor. Even as a child, after school, I spent quite a bit of time in the laboratory and so I became passionate about the dental field, and I decided to become a dentist and have now been practicing for almost 10 years.

What kind of treatments or services do you provide to your patients? Do you have any particular specialization?

After graduating in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics in 2015, I won a scholarship and then specialized in Oral Surgery. Together with my team, I deal with all branches of dentistry, with a particular focus on technology and digital innovation. In my daily practice, for example, I use intraoral scanners, 3D printers, milling machines and a software for computer-guided implant surgery.

Could you describe an interesting or unusual case that you handled?

The cases we manage in the studio are often interesting, thanks to the use of digital technology that allows us to apply chairside protocols and therefore to manage even complex treatments in a single day, greatly smoothing the workflow and thus guaranteeing significant benefits to the patient.

Is there any innovative dental technology that you particularly appreciate and believe in?

In recent years I have really appreciated the intraoral scanner that I now use every day as it allows me to by-pass all those steps that can lead to alterations in the final outcome, allowing me to maximize the precision of the outcome as well as guaranteeing more comfort to the patient.

A recommended article that dentists should read:

Tooth extraction without discontinuation of oral antithrombotic treatment: A prospective study; Roberto Pippi, Maria Giulia Scorsolini, Luca Luigetti, Alessandra Pietrantoni, Arturo Cafolla; Oral DiseasesVolume 27, Issue 5 p. 1300-1312.


I recommend this article, of which I was also one of the authors as it derives from my thesis on the use of drugs in patients taking anticoagulants, as well as from several years of specialization, as it can contribute a lot to colleagues in the treatment of patients with this clinical picture.

Share a useful advice for dentists about running their business

I suggest the “skeptics” to get as close as possible to technology, which now allows us to work with the highest quality and minimum invasiveness, increasing precision and reducing chair time and the number of appointments.

How do you promote your business? What worked for you?

I promote my clinic through various activities on social media, but I also invest in word of mouth, trying to give my patients as much information as possible, for example through open days. I also promote various activities in the area from billboards to initiatives with general practitioners.

How do you relax after work?

Free time in our profession is very limited but I think it’s important to get at least a little bit of it every day to regenerate. I’m a sportsman and when I can I love to dedicate my time in the gym and playing soccer.

What could prevent your profession from growing? How can you overcome this obstacle?

A prolonged economic crisis could, in the long run, be a critical factor that in our clinic we try to counter, for example with subsidized payments methods. We also try to counteract the lack of time for patients and reduce the number of appointments thanks to the use of the digital solutions mentioned above.

What new plans do you have for your professional activity in the next year?

I recently bought a new dental hygiene machine that revolutionizes the approach through guided biofilm therapy. Once again, I focus on new technology to allow the patient in this case a better investment in prevention care.

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