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Dr. Fabio Chinè
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Dr. Fabio Chinè

Studio dentistico Dott.ri Fabio Chinè e Valentino Mancinelli

Via Alessandro Malladra, 10 – 00157 Roma
+39 06 4500918 / +39 339 3602158
[email protected]

Interview with Dr. Fabio Chinè

Why did you choose to become a dentist? How many years of experience have you gained?

For this choice I must thank a family friend who’s a dentist. As a boy I attended his practice and so I too became passionate about this profession which I have now been practicing for almost 25 years.

What kind of treatments or services do you provide to your patients? Do you have any particular specialization?

I specialize in orthodontics, but I also deal a lot with implantology and surgery in general.

Could you describe an interesting or unusual case that you handled?

My simple or complex cases are often interesting thanks to my specific expertise in orthodontics which allows me a more accurate and complete approach which also contemplates the assessment of the TMJ, occlusion, aesthetics, and functionality.

Is there any innovative dental technology that you particularly appreciate and believe in?

In recent years I have greatly appreciated the intraoral scanner which I also consider to be an excellent communication tool with the patient. It’s very useful from an expository point of view, allowing the patient to evaluate their treatment plan in a clearer, more concrete and visible way.

An article recommended by you that your fellow dentists should read:

Autogenous dentin particulate graft for alveolar ridge augmentation with and without collagen membrane: preliminary histological analysis on humans; Materials 2022 ,15,4319; Elio Minetti, Francesco Gianfreda, Andrea Palermo and Patrizio Bollero. 


Your useful advice for dentists about running their business

The management of today’s dental practice is increasingly complex also from a bureaucratic point of view, and therefore requires a certain entrepreneurial competence and maturity. Hence, my advice to colleagues is to constantly train themselves also on non-clinical topics (administration, management, marketing) as clinical skills are no longer enough.

How do you promote your business? What worked for you?

Basically, I believe that what works best is the human doctor-patient connection, the positive relationship and therefore the word of mouth. That said, I believe that social media now plays an essential role in communication, and I particularly use Facebook and WhatsApp to send my patients invitations, special commercial or other type of promotions, and more.

How do you relax after work?

Free time in our profession is very limited and the rhythms are very fast. After work, I love dedicating myself to my family and to my passion for the guitar, organizing music workshops at a music school whenever possible.

What could prevent your profession from growing? How can you overcome this obstacle?

The excess of bureaucracy, in a contingent moment of economic crisis, could hold back the growth of a dental practice. The dispersion of energy in a professional activity can risk translating into an offer that is no longer adequate for the patient who may find himself obliged to opt for second-class treatments. In my practice I really try do my utmost to maintain the best quality-price ratio, optimizing resources and avoiding waste in order to allow the patient to carry out the most suitable treatments for them.

What new things do you have in plan for your professional activity the next year?

My professional goal for next year is the digitalization of my practice for which I have planned some investments in both technology and training.

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