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Doctor Peter Weiss
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Doctor Peter Weiss

Studio Dentistico Weiss

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Interview with doctor Peter Weiss

Why did you choose this profession? How many years of experience do you have in the field?

Behind my choice there is an entire family. I come from a medical family, including my grandparents, my parents and my sister. So this path was already planned somehow. However, I am the first who moved away from general medicine and went into dentistry. This is because my dexterity allowed it, and it was certainly the best choice for me.

My sister is a general practitioner, my father is a cardiologist and my mother is also a doctor. I started at 28, so I have been doing this profession for 34 years now.

What services does your clinic offer? Is there something you specialize in?

We offer all branches of dentistry, at 360 degrees. We are a team and everyone does what they specialize in. Our team collaborates to offer services ranging from surgery to orthodontics, gnathology and periodontology. Let’s say that diversification is our strength!

In your experience, what are the most interesting or complex cases you work on?

The biggest challenges are found in old bad jobs, where you have to go and recover the whole situation. These are the most striking cases, especially when it comes to a complex rehabilitation using implants. It is not uncommon, and in fact it has often happened in recent years, to encounter beautiful cases where we start from a situation of enormous degradation. These cases are usually finalized over a long period of time, one year or more, to rehabilitate the entire mouth. These are the cases that I like the most because they bring great satisfaction.

Are there any dental technologies that you particularly believe in or that you believe are the future of your profession?

Surely. First of all, the trend that has been taking place for at least five or six years now, and that is the digitalization of the dental profession. This is an unstoppable flow and is bringing many benefits.

Processes are speeding up, we have fewer errors. I have digitalized the clinic for five years, for both intra-oral scanners and tomographies, as well as the booking and reporting processes. It is a flow that requires constant monitoring.

The other aspect of the innovation concerns surgery, where increasingly precise and cutting-edge techniques are used, such as lasers and Piezosurgery, which allow less invasive and aggressive approaches to surgery. So yes, there are definitely some technologies we use that I really believe in.

Do you have any advice that you would like to share with your colleagues? Maybe the younger dentists who are starting this profession now?

It is certainly essential to have a strong and prepared team behind you, to receive advice in different situations. This is because ours is a 360-degree business, we are not talking about dentistry only. To be successful, you have to rely on various experts, both in terms of marketing and the more economic aspect.

Today it is not possible to do everything alone, there are so many differences and so many things that you can go wrong. For years I have always done everything my way, but nowadays it is not possible because there are too many aspects to consider. For example the need to manage a website and social channels. My advice is to get help from someone who is competent in running a business. The investment pays off.

How do you promote your business?

We try to follow the patient closely, to make him trust us and want to come back. We use promotional packages a lot, for example for aesthetics. We offer discounts to follow a prolonged therapeutic plan, especially for consistent budgets. We also send automatic reminders to patients when it’s time for a checkup.

Sending holiday greetings is also a way to keep in touch with patients.
The presence on social networks is also important, as well as a good website with quality information that helps the patient in choosing the clinic.

Are there any obstacles you have encountered in growing your business?

I don’t think there are any pre-established limits, but it depends on what you want to accomplish. By investing in advertising and marketing, you can certainly grow a lot. Clearly competition is a factor to consider. If there are ten other colleagues around you, perhaps the market share you can reach is limited. In this case one way to defend yourself is to differentiate your business by offering something your rivals don’t offer. This naturally requires specialization, for example in the branch of aesthetics, making fillers and botox.

However, the investment must be evaluated with respect to what that market offers, because deciding to invest in a specialized technology can be a waste if the right clientele is not found.
That said, there are no growth limits per se. At one point I opted to stop growth, both to focus on improving what I had built, and to have a private life as well.

Are you planning anything for your clinic in the near future?

At the moment the situation is particular. Some think it is the time to invest, others think it is better to wait. For now I have no growth plan, I want to keep the level I have and I’m happy if I can keep it because this moment, with the pandemic and the restrictions, it’s really quite dramatic. I really want to focus on stabilizing what I have for now.

What are your interests outside of work? Can you tell us a little about what you do in your free time?

What I miss most is traveling. I have always enjoyed traveling and have traveled a lot, using much of my free time for it.
Unfortunately, for the past couple of years I haven’t been able to do it as much as I wanted. Definitely yes, what I love most is traveling, meeting people, discovering new places, having a cultural contact. I also enjoy sports and fortunately gyms are now open again.
But the other important thing I invest my time in is friends.

Doctor Peter Weiss is our partner in Rome! Read more about DentQ partners on our blog.

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