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Prof. Della Ventura
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Prof. Domenico Della Ventura

Studio Della Ventura

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Interview with Prof. Domenico Della Ventura

Why did you choose to become a dentist? How many years of experience do you have?

I was born as a surgeon, I graduated in medicine and surgery and then I specialized in dentistry as I was fascinated by the part of oral surgery, thanks to one of my professors.
I started in the Eighties, so I’ve been practicing this profession for a few years now!

When he was a professor, what did he teach students?

Now I am no longer teaching, but I have taught various topics, almost all related to the prosthetic and surgical part.

Does his clinic specialize in any particular service?

We offer any dental treatment. I don’t take care of some things personally, but there are colleagues who have related specializations, such as orthodontics and osteopathy.
I mainly deal with the prosthetic and surgical part, but we do everything, including endodontics.

What are the cases that you find most interesting? Cases that have happened to you in recent years.

The cases are all interesting, because beyond the purely didactic case there is always the projection onto the patient that must be taken into account. The patient must be considered very carefully, because sometimes the treatment, which may seem simpler to the dentist, can become very complex in relation to the patient’s physical and psychological conditions.
Usually the most interesting cases are those where there is a certain complete rehabilitation to be done, therefore also with postural involvement, or cases where there are removal of large cysts or particularly demanding wisdom teeth.

Are there any technologies applied in the dental field that you particularly believe in and that you see as the future of your profession?

Technologies are constantly changing. Those valid today, maybe in a few months already will no longer have the same importance. However, today a fundamental role is played by radiology. Especially in the surgical field, we need to have three-dimensional radiographs and increasingly precise instruments. Other important innovations are guided implant surgery, therefore with the creation of templates.

What advice would you like to share with your younger colleagues who are now approaching the profession?

A fundamental advice is to listen to the patient a lot, because today we tend to leave this aside a bit. As I mentioned earlier, the actions that for us dentists are daily routine, for the patient take place on a one-off basis and the emotional involvement of the patient is important not only during the operation, but also for the subsequent steps of treatment. If the patient is calm and feels well looked after and considered, the answer is completely different. This is why it is important to openly explain to the patient everything that needs to be done and the various steps of the therapy, so that he can accept the different implications and respond better to treatment.

Do you recommend an interesting article that you have recently read?

All articles can be interesting if read in the right way, with the aim of learning something new. With this premise, a topic that I would like to be addressed more in scientific journals is that of stem cell research. These would be very important in our sector, when it comes to bone regeneration and beyond.

How do you manage the promotion of your clinic? Are there any particular activities?

We have digitalized our business both in the daily management and in the booking systems. Patients then have access to our digital presence, which becomes a way for us to present the business, where future patients can also find various reviews and information.
This is important for us because in our sector the most effective form of promotion is that of word of mouth. Patient comments build trust.

Are there any obstacles to the growth of your business? Has the pandemic had a major impact?

With the pandemic there has certainly been a change. First of all, there was the impossibility of moving, then subsequently the fear of people took over and it certainly had an impact. To this we must also add that the time required for patients’ assistance have changed. While previously certain things could have been done in advance (such as preparing the room), now these activities must be carried out in front of the patient in order to reassure him.
This has certainly affected the amount of work we are able to complete on a daily basis.

What are his interests outside of his profession?

I read a lot, but another great passion of mine is that of static ship modeling. In short, I like to build sailing ships. I must say that my profession helps me a lot in model making and vice versa, since both activities require very high precision and deal with very small parts.

Professor Della Ventura is our partner in Rome! Read more about DentQ partners on our blog.

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