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CTdent at Lithuania
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UAB CT-dent

T: +370-68-639561
E: [email protected]
WhatsApp: +370-60-804335
Naugarduko g.22 Vilnius, LITHUANIA

When CT-dent opened its first branch at Vilnius, in 2015, there were no independent dental imaging centers in Lithuania. Opening a dedicated dental imaging facility in Lithuania turned out to be quite challenging, since there was no legal definition nor regulation standards for such a facility. In fact, the CBCT machine that CT-dent purchased and installed at its first branch in Vilnius was initially hamstrung with a “Denver Boot” by the authorities and banned from usage. 

Only after investing considerable time, money, and efforts with the Lithuanian Dentists’ Union, and with the Lithuanian government Radiation Company, and following several meetings with ministers and government members, Ronen Sahar, the founder and CEO of CT-dent in Lithuania, managed to convince the regulators to define a new category for Dental Imaging centers. This cleared the path to start operating in Lithuania. In September 2015, CT-dent started serving its first patients in Vilnius.

From the very beginning, the CT-dent Lithuanian team was encouraged to meet all the local dentists and have them onboarding and experiencing the advanced technologies and dental imaging services that CT-dent provides. One important advantage that CT-dent offered to the dentists was being entirely independent, which means that patients referred by a dentist will return to him after the scan was done, since, unlike other alternatives for dental imaging services (medical centers, hospitals, and dental clinics), CT-dent does not provide dentistry services, and does not compete with the dentists.

Another important advantage that CT-dent focuses on in Lithuania is service excellency. The local team was instructed to walk the extra mile for its customers, the referring dentists and the examined patients. For example, when urgent scans are needed, or urgent support is requested, the team, headed by Ronen, provides service even at midnight. In addition, when a dentist runs out of referral forms, he will usually receive them within several hours, to ensure service continuity. Moreover, Ronen made sure that the team will interact with dentists and patients alike in a very warm, welcoming, and responsive fashion, far exceeding the usual strict and not so friendly service typical for Lithuanian service providers.

To guarantee service excellency, new team members are undergoing extensive training. For example, medical representatives are trained for two months before they start working with dentists. In addition, the reps summarise every meeting they have with a dentist, right after the meeting took place, and send the summary to Ronen, who can supervise and offer real-time support when needed.

Little by little, many of the dentists in Vilnius, and later on in two other cities, were convinced to regularly work with CT-dent, since it provides a fast, high-quality and independent dental imaging service. With time, demand increased, and CT-dent opened 5 additional dental imaging centers in Lithuania. Currently, CT-dent has 6 branches in Lithuania:  3 in Vilnius, 2 in Kaunas and 1 in Klaipėda. The CT-dent team in Lithuania now has about 25 members – radiographers, receptionists, medical representatives, and management, as well as a local dental radiologist when radiology reports are requested. CT-dent Lithuania is now the biggest provider of Dental Imaging services in Lithuania, and plans to further grow with additional branches and more dentists joining.

The service line provided by CT-dent in Lithuania includes OPG, CEPH and TMJ (2D and 3D), and CBCT scans. The scans are being processed by the CT-dent team, and dentists receive the results with ready-made sections, measurements, marking of root canal and arches, and more.

Lithuanian Dentists are typically “tech freaks”. They appreciate technological innovation, and regard Israel, where CT-dent originated from, as a tech empire. Most dentists in Lithuania understand that they need to convert and constantly improve the technology they use in order to stay up-to-date and not to be left behind and become irrelevant. In this respect, the fit between CT-dent’s advanced digital dentistry solutions and Lithuanians’ tech orientation is a perfect match.

Dentistry is rapidly evolving in Lithuania, with more and more dentists becoming implantologists, thus the demand for dental imaging services constantly grows. Ronen, who had 17 years of experience in Dental Imaging but did not know the local language when he first arrived at Lithuania in 2015, is now well known and respected there, and became “half native. CT-dent is looking forward to meeting new challenges and conquering new frontiers in Lithuania and beyond.

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