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CTdent at Israel
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CT Dent Ltd 

T: 1-700-70-23-44
E: [email protected]
32 Ha’Haroshet St.

Or-Yehuda, ISRAEL

DentQ Group originated in Israel, where 27 years ago, in 1995, Meir Sahar and Shlomo Shani, our founders, opened our first Dental Imaging center. In Israel, we operate under our original brand name CTdent (whereas DentQ is our second and more recent brand). The first branch opened in Holon, a city located in the center of Israel. This branch was pretty successful, and with time CTdent opened up more and more branches to provide dental imaging services all around Israel. Today, CTdent Israel has 25 centers, and counting . So far, CT Dent serves in Israel about 3,000 dentists and 400,000 patients, while providing more than a million dental imaging scans, and gaining unmatched experience and know-how since its inception.

One of the things that sets Israel dentistry apart from most other countries, is the high prevalence of implant procedures. In 2011, for example, 433 implant units were placed per 10,000 people in Israel, a world record, compared to 224 in Korea (#2 in the world), 159 in Italy, and only 40 in the UK. In Israel, there are several global Implant manufacturers, which trained many of the Israeli dentists to become implantologists, and to promote implant procedures long before implants were common in other countries. And since dental implants are the most common justification for 3D CBCT imaging by far, it is no wonder that dental imaging has already flourished decades ago and is very advanced in Israel.

Another thing that shaped our dental imaging operation in Israel is the high level of competition. 3 big independent dental imaging networks, each with more than 20 imaging centers, operate in Israel these days. Quite impressive for such a small country. The competition is fierce, so excelling in service, and providing good value-for-money and state-of-the-art technology helped us survive. These circumstances shaped the foundations of what became DentQ International group.

The fierce competition in Israel is also what led CTdent’s founders to start opening branches overseas, first in the UK in 2007, and later on in 5 additional countries. If fact, a few years ago we sold the Israeli activity to a group of porfessional managers, in order to allow us time to focus on our international activities.

The competition has also driven us to collaborate with some of the most advanced dental technology providers, in order to launch several first to world solutions, such as the first ever dental-PACS 10 years ago, as well as Human+AI Radiology reports recently, as well as many other advanced dental imaging solutions.

Israel also served us as a beta site for things that we have later on introduced in other countries, including technologies, services line, business models, marketing tools, digital dentistry solutions and more. Due to the long-term relationship we had with thousands of dentists in Israel, we listened to their needs and provided complementary solutions. This also lead our group to create some spin-off biotechnology start-ups, mainly related to dental bone graft, including Kometa Bio (a smart dentin grinder that dentist use to produce gold standard autologous dentin graft from patients’ teeth), and Ivory graft (a novel high-end Xenograft produced from porcine teeth).

So, in more than one sense, Israel made us, DentQ, the global leaders that we are today, and we feel strongly connected to our origins. With that in mind, we hope dentists and their patients all over the world can enjoy the fruits and the lessons of our journey, which started 27 years ago in a timid first branch in Holon, central Israel.

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