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CTdent at United Kingdom
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CT Dent Ltd – United Kingdom

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Nottingham
  • Colchester
  • Birmingham
  • Leeds
  • Bristol

DentQ Group is an international company present in six countries, including the United Kingdom. In the UK DentQ operates under the name of CT Dent and has seven different diagnostic centers, the first of which was founded in London in 2007 and it has now become the most successful branch of the entire group.

CT Dent was created to satisfy the real need of dentists to collaborate with a specialized and independent diagnostic center that is equipped with innovative technologies.

What makes us special, however, is our internal diversity. France, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Israel, India, Bulgaria, England and, of course, Italy, are just some of the countries of origin of our international team, which is the most diverse of the entire DentQ group. This diversity enriches us every day, as we learn a new language, or we share typical dishes from other countries.

Over the years, CT Dent has become a real partner for the dentists with whom it collaborates, supporting them not only in diagnostics, but also in technological progress, guiding them towards innovation and growth.

In the last two years, CT Dent UK flourishes under female leadership that counts on three strong women in the roles of chief executive officer, chief operating officer and lead radiographer.

CT Dent also launched the first ever dental PACS in the world, and its radiological centers in the United Kingdom are equipped with the best Cone Beam scanning machines that provide very high resolution volumetric 3D images, allowing an accurate analysis of bone structure and dental orientation and applying the reduction of radiation dosage. In London, the 3D digital impression service is also offered with 3Shape TRIOS3 intra-oral scanners.

CT Dent has been registered with CQC, the Care Quality Commission from the first day the body began regulating dental services in England. CQC is an independent regulatory body for all health and social care services.

98% of the patients in the UK that answer our satisfaction surveys leave positive feedback and find our staff welcoming and the process simple and quick, especially thanks to the online booking system and the digital delivery of scans to dentists, which is immediate.

We are particularly proud of our relationship with patients with whom the staff are always happy to discuss to explain the procedures in detail and make them feel at ease. We know how much the patient’s happiness and tranquility during the diagnostic process has an impact on his relationship with the dentist and with the treatment in general.

CT Dent partners with over 7,000 dental practices in the UK and more and more dentists rely on our skilled radiographers for the diagnostic services they need.

Come and visit us on the CT Dent website, stay up to date on our blog and follow us on Facebook to find out more about our business in the UK!


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