How to Book

To set up appointments at our dental imaging centers, follow these steps:


X-ray scans require medical justification.

The following list includes justified reasons for performing dental and maxillofacial scans:

• Dental Implants
• Orthodontic treatment
• Impacted Teeth
• Endodontic treatment
• Sinus Exam
• TMJ disorders
• Oral Pathology
• Ramus Bone Graft
• Chin Bone Graft
• Sinus Lift
• Zygomatic Implants
• Airway Study
• Periodontics treatment

Make sure there is a proper
justification for the scan.


According to regulations, radiology in most countries is only allowed with a medical referral from a doctor (e.g. a dentist).

Dentists / Doctors can:

Refer us a patient

Print and fill-in a referral

All patients must:
• Arrive to us with a printed referral
• Or – make sure their doctor has sent us an online referral before they arrive

If a patient does not have a referral,
we will not be able to serve him.


Dentists and patients can conveniently book appointments online, or by calling our support lines in various countries.

Dentists / Doctors can:

Book an appointment online

Call our support line

Patients can use the following links for booking:

Book an appointment online

Call our support line

We often except off-street patients as well, but to save time always book ahead.