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Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance dental imaging

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Artificial Intelligence and Dental Diagnostics
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Artificial Intelligence technologies are becoming increasingly present and fundamental in the healthcare sector and, more precisely, in that of dental imaging.

The most important challenge for the application of these technologies, however, is not to ensure their accuracy or usefulness – which is already a fact – but rather to promote their daily application by professionals. DentQ has taken up this challenge and is leading the dental imaging industry towards an era of optimization of the diagnostic process, thanks to Diagnocat.

Diagnocat is programmed to recognize even rare diseases such as cysts and tumors of the jaw. This is thanks to a long collaborative process and thanks to “deep learning”, the learning process on which artificial intelligence systems are based.

To prove the effectiveness of Diagnocat in improving the diagnostic process, we find a scientific report based on a study conducted by Ezhov et al. (2021) and published in Nature.

This study investigates the diagnostic capabilities of Diagnocat and is based on the analysis of 30 CBCT scans by 24 dentists divided into two different groups. One group supported by Diagnocat, while the other without diagnostic support.
The results of the study demonstrate how the proposed Artificial Intelligence system significantly increases the diagnostic capabilities of dentists.

You can read the complete article here.

To find out more about the concept of “deep learning” and how artificial intelligence is improving diagnostic processes in the dental field, you can read this article.

: Ezhov, M., Gusarev, M., Golitsyna, M., Yates, J. M., Kushnerev, E., Tamimi, D., Aksoy, S., Shumilov, E., Sanders, A., Orhan, K. (2021). ‘Clinically applicable artificial intelligence system for dental diagnosis with CBCT’, Nature. Doi:

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