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Is DentQ Open on Weekends?
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In most countries, and in most branches – we work 6 days a week, to enable you to visit us also on weekends. We are usually closed on Sundays (Saturdays in Israel), and work shorter hours on Saturdays (Fridays in Israel).

Please note that the opening hours may vary from country to country and center to center. At specific branches temporary, seasonal and constant changes may apply. Therefore, it is highly recommended to check the opening hours of a specific branch, and to book a visit, before you visit it.

You can check the opening hour and book online (when possible) or contact us and we will clarify and book the visit for you. In the following table you can find the relevant details to do so:

Brand and Country Online Booking Helpline Contact Form Usual Day off
DentQ Italy Link 800 222 228 Link Sunday
CTdent HK 025 276 699 Link Sunday
CTdent UK Link 020 74 85 717 Link Sunday
CTdent Lithuania 686 39 561 Link Sunday
CTdent Georgia +972586720006 Sunday
CTdent Israel Link 1-700-70-23-44 Link Saturday

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