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An interview with one of our team members

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An interview with Stevenson Tin, Representative,CTdent HK
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Stevenson Tin

  • Manager and Medical Representative
  • CTdent Honk-Kong
  • He has been working with DentQ since May of 2017
  • Worked in sales industry for since 2009

An interview with Stevenson Tin


Hello Stevenson! To begin with, tell us a fun-fact about yourself.

I have many funny stories! But I want to share the story of my English name (in HK we have both a Chinese name and an English name, so that foreigners can use it). My birth English name was Steven. One day I joined a football team, where one of the players was Indonesian. This player couldn’t manage to pronounce ‘Steven’, no matter how hard he has tried. Then my local teammates used my Chinese name, but that player was even less capable of pronouncing my Chinese name. Eventually, he ended up calling me Seven. Yes, like Ronaldo (!). My Chinese teammates laughed, and then they adopted the idea, and started calling me “Seven Son“. “Son” is a commonly added to Chinese names, as a pet name meaning “kid” or “child”. So, initially I became Seven-son, which quickly turned into “Stevenson“. Ever since, everybody, even my family and close friends, started calling me Stevenson, and no one called me Steven anymore. To put a final seal on it, I made it official, and changed my registered English name in my ID to Stevenson. 

What is the thing you love most about your job?

Before joining CT-Dent, I had tried worked as a sales representative in many markets: industrial products, Delivery services, Banking, Video & Audio sales, and health supplements. Those experiences helped me a lot, providing me communication skills and resilience. But work was a bit boring, and I was looking for a more challenging occupation.
Once I joined CT-dent, it felt different than any other field I worked at. I have never imagined dentistry could be that technological and Innovative. For example, we routinely use AI guidance for dentistry, and that is awesome! 

And what I like the most about my work in CT-Dent is that our own proprietary technology enables me to work better, faster and easier. For example, CT-dent uses an awesome and very user-friendly online ERP system, which I can work with anywhere from my iPad, and therefore I no longer have to carry a heavy Laptop. Our clients also like the convenience of Ct-dent’s system. Many dentists and patients praise it, and therefore it helps me feel confident when working with them.

Which dental technologies excite you?

I will mention two technologies that fascinate me:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in Dentistry
  2. Robotic Dental Implant Surgery system.

AI systems can find patterns in seconds and provide highly accurate answers and insights. AI provides smart suggestions and recommendations. It serves dentists as a very useful and knowledgeable assistant, that helps them in treatment planning, and in performing surgery procedures successfully, while saving chair time and providing better care.

Robotic Dental Implant Surgery system is probably the most innovative, powerful and exciting tool for implant surgery. Through the software, the anatomical structure of the patient’s teeth can be visualized during the dental implant procedure, allowing the dentist to set the required position and angle effortlessly.

The robot can guide and assist dentists in many aspects, before and during the implant surgery:

  • Before the operation, the Robotic Implant Surgery system scans, analyzes and assists in planning the operation process. 
  • During the operation, the Robotic Implant Surgery system guides the direction of the drill and its depth, to assit the dentist to perform the operation. The principle of Robotic Implant Surgery is similar to that of a GPS navigation system.

Traditional dental implants are performed by dentists using dental drills manually, with bare hands. And even a slight misplacement, or a small movement in the wrong direction, can do a lot of damage.

Before the robot, it used to take 30 minutes for each tooth to be implanted. With Robotic assistance, the implant surgery now takes less than 10 minutes. And, even more significant – the results are better! The position of the implant is more precise, thus causing less pain and speeding up wound healing. Dental implants with the Robotic Implant Surgery system have a success rate of 98.3%, which is almost impossible for doctors to achieve with bare hands. This is, in my eyes, almost a miracle, and it is inspiring to witness such a powerful technology at work.

How do I practice work/life balance, and what do I like to do in my free time?

Usually, I work for six days a week, sometime even seven days (although nobody calls me Seven anymore…). My job includes assisting and supporting dentists during their working hours, which span all week long, and I have to be there for them when they need me. 

Still, I manage to find time after work hours, to experience various sport activities: Badminton, football and Darts. Sport helps me relax after work and enjoy gatherings with my friends! I also enjoy having delicious meals with my family as much as possible. Well, I REALLY like eating! ☺

How many languages ​​do you speak? Have you ever lived abroad?

I was born in Hong Kong, and speak Canton and Mandarin Chinese, English. My entire life I have never left Hong Kong. So, I never lived in another country, nor even in another city…  Maybe in the future, who knows!

A tip I have for dentists (based on my experience):

CT-Dent is the best dental imaging service for you! No other choice!

How will dental radiology change in the coming years?

I think future technology and AI will entirely change dentistry. I can foresee many technological tools and AI systems will be launching in coming years. these could assist dentist to operate, improve surgical accuracy and success rate, reduce surgery accidents, avoid damage and prevent pain, as well as shorten recovery time! As mentioned above, some technologies already do it nowadays, and this trend will only increase with time. We have much more to expect for, and to learn together, in the future.

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