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AI Endo Study - dentaL
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Scanning, visualization and interpretation of root canal systems are quite challenging for most dentists. Therefore, to be on the safe side, dentists often seek for some expert opinion and assistance in order to provide successful endodontic treatment. However, Endodontic Specialists are rare, and their consultation (and treatment) fees are quite expensive. As a result, sending patients to consult with an endodontic specialist comes with some inherited difficulties:

  • It is hard to convince the patient that he should go to another (unfamiliar) expert for Endodontic examination
  • It “positions” the sending dentist as “less of an expert” in the eye of the patient
  • Consulting the endodontic specialist may cost too much for the patient (€120 and above, in many countries)
  • Waiting time for endodontic specialists may be long (and meanwhile patients may be in pain)
  • Some patients will not return to their dentists, but instead choose to do their endodontic treatment elsewhere (with another dentist that does not send them to an expert, or… with the expert their dentist referred them to)

So, it seems that dentists are facing a difficult choice when the medical condition of the roots and canals of specific teeth is complicated. Their dilemma is usually between the following two options:

  • Not to send the patient to consult with an endodontic specialist, and hence to risk failure in treating such teeth
  • To do refer the patient to consult with an endodontic specialist, and to risk the relationship with the patient

At DentQ, we provide an innovative service that can help dentists bypass this dilemma altogether. We provide a unique Endo Study report, based on a CBCT scan, and created by Artificial Intelligence combined with our team inspection (AI+Human). This Endo Study report can be delivered online to the dentist, once we have a CBCT (3D) scan of the examined tooth. We can do such CBCT scans at one of our 45 dental imaging centers around the world, or dentists can send to us DICOM files online – if scans already exist. 

The endo study provides detailed information about the root and canal system, and may support successful endodontic treatment at the dentist’s clinic, while providing many advantages, including:

  • Minimizing risk and making more informed decisions in endodontic treatment 
  • Involving Endodontic Specialists only when really needed
  • Saving half of the cost (or more) when compared to the cost of an endodontic consultation by an expert
  • Getting answers within only a few minutes, instead of having patients waiting for weeks to the specialist
  • Easier to get patients’ consent and a better option for evoking trust and building relationship with patients 
  • Endo treatments that can be safely done at the dentist clinic are done there, thus clinic income increases
  • Saving dentists’ time and efforts, since all the needed data is automatically prepared for them

DentQ exclusively collaborate in many countries with DiagnoCat, developers of advanced Dental AI solutions, to provide Endo Study reports with the needed data to improve the quality of care of endodontic treatment.

The Endo Study report provides detailed information Roots, Canals, and the root-canal system, including:

  • The anatomy and 3D structure with in-depth visualisation
  • Extended set of axial and cross-channel sections with measurements
  • Comprehensive Endodontic pathology

Here, for example, are some of the images provided in a real Endo Study report of a 47 years old male:

Root Canal Shape | Slice thickness 0.25 mm

Root Canal System | Slice thickness 0.25 mm

Root Canal space | Slice step: 2 mm | Slice thickness 0.25 mm

Periapical lesions (1) | Measures volume 0.025 cm³

All in all, if you want to have the needed data for successful endodontics treatment, while minimizing risk, improving patients’ trust and avoiding painful delays, you should consider using our AI+human Endo Study report. Download the brochure on our AI+human Endo Study service for more details.

For more information on our many services and AI+human reports, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide all the information you need and to support you in selecting the services that best meet your needs.

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