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(Third) 3rd Molar Study – AI + Human Reports - DentQ
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3rd Molar Study

The extraction of the third molar is one of the most common dental surgeries, but it is also an extremely delicate operation, because its incorrect execution can lead even to neurological damage to the patient. For this reason, an accurate and extensive radiological analysis is essential to plan the intervention in the best possible way and reduce the risks, including those of neurological damage.

At DentQ we offer AI + human reports based on 3D images that carry out an accurate and precise third molar study, to support dentists who approach this common but delicate intervention.

Description of service

A combined AI and manual study of the third molar (wisdom teeth), based on CBCT scan:

  • Reformatting of the panoramic image (Panorex)
  • Position of the third molar with respect to the adjacent anatomical structures

General features

  • Applied on CBCT scans
  • Evaluation of the position of the third molar

Clinical information

  • Position of the third molar in relation to the adjacent tooth
  • Position of the third molar in relation to the mandibular canal and other adjacent anatomical structures


  • Better dialogue and trust between patient and dentist. The latter is in fact supported in the presentation and explanation of the difficulties related to the extraction and the details of the treatment
  • Reduced risk, as unnecessary complications and pains are avoided when extracting wisdom teeth
  • Save time and effort, as the sections are ready and the precise position of the third molar region is already identified
  • Information benefits, as this report assists the dentist in choosing an optimal treatment plan

You can find the brochure on our AI + Human 3rd Molar Study service and download it for more details.

For more information on our many services and AI + human reports, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide all the information you need and to support you in selecting the services that best meet your needs.

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